Helping teams work better together

At Bracket, we work with a diverse range of companies to help them discover the perfect balance between team creativity, collaboration and productivity.

Practical, approachable and creative.

Our friendly and direct approach allows us to quickly identify the essence of your team and develop new and exciting ways in which you can work better together.

By designing and facilitating workshops, delivering training and providing consultancy, we provide you with the tools and guidance needed to reinforce effective collaboration across your business.

Enabling outstanding teams to produce their best work.

Supporting those who need to be creative and innovative in their everyday roles, we encourage our clients to work collaboratively, think strategically and build a strong team culture. We help you focus your energy so that you can drive projects forward, together.

Creating productive spaces for engaged teams.

Facilitating clarity, insight and direction, we empower your team to see the bigger picture and ensure everyone has the chance to contribute.

By creating an inspiring place to work, you and your team can do more of what you love and make incredible ideas happen.

Alison Coward, Founder

Alison is a strategist, trainer and workshop facilitator. With over 15 years’ experience working in, leading and facilitating creative teams, Alison is passionate about finding the perfect balance between creativity, productivity and collaboration.

Before starting Bracket, Alison spent her career helping creative professionals to grow their businesses through a range of management roles at creative organisations. She has an MA (with distinction) in Enterprise and Management for the Creative Arts.

Alison is a keynote speaker on team culture and effective collaboration, delivers guest lectures at various universities, and is the author of  “A Pocket Guide to Effective Workshops”.