How busy teams can benefit from a strategy session

It’s that time of year when you and your team will be aiming to finish the year on a high note, and looking ahead to get next year off to a strong start. If you haven’t run a team…

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What’s your unique team culture?

Your team will have specific goals to achieve. The way you set out to achieve those goals will come down to the people you have on the team, and the context that you work within.…

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The creative process of workshop design

In planning a team workshop, you’re also designing a collaborative experience. The aim is to create an event that brings people together, uses their thinking in the best possible…

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Run workshops with impact, every single time.

Many of the facilitation practices found in good workshops can be a quick fix to solve some of the symptoms of bad meetings. Workshops are designed to encourage creative thinking…

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Here’s how to think strategically as a team

Great teams are those where each team member has the ability, and the opportunity, to think strategically. Everyone has insights from their day-to-day work that can provide useful…

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Using purposeful workplace rituals to build better teams

When you think of a traditional team building activity, what comes to mind? Muddy assault courses, paintballing, a sports competition or even the newer trend of escape rooms?…

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Re-framing teamwork

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