Team Culture Programme

Design and build a team culture that aligns with your values and leads to high-performance, creativity and productivity.

This programme brings together facilitation, training, coaching and consultancy to help your team achieve your ambitious goals.

Gain clarity on your visions and values.

We get to know your team and work with you to develop a strategy that looks closely at your visions and values.

The programme is adapted to your team so that we can fully address your distinct business needs and challenges.

Build effective team habits.

Through facilitation and training, we help you to build better team routines and rituals, raise your awareness of collaboration techniques and design solutions for better communication.

Empower and inspire individuals.

We believe that team collaboration is all about creating an enabling environment for everyone to work towards being their most creative and productive self.

Our coaching sessions focus on the individuals in your team, exploring how they work best and how they can contribute more effectively.

Build a solution centred around you.

Bringing everything together, we start to think about how you are going to deliver outstanding work as a team, through running more impactful meetings, communication methods and collaborative working.

Reinforcing your team culture.

By intentionally crafting a team culture that is in line with your goals, and with the way your team works best, you can begin to take the next steps – beyond the programme – and be ready to take action, deliver your best work and realise your goals.

A snapshot of the programme:

  • A facilitator, coach and collaboration expert supporting your team.
  • A toolkit, methodology and set of resources tailored for your needs.
  • A unique combination of training sessions, team coaching, facilitated workshops and individual coaching for each member of your team.
  • An enhanced awareness of collaboration and facilitation skills.
  • A productive, engaged, resilient team ready to take action.

Want to know more about this programme? We’d love to hear from you.